Sometimes sending a sub out of your sonar range is more efficient then sending the sub past your outposts. However what happens when you send subs out of your sonar range

Sub with drillers Edit

Sub-out of sonar-range

Sending a sub out of sonar range

When sending drillers out of your sonar range you can only see you sub with your drillers in the darkness. You can see your route to the outpost but you cannot see any surronding subs or anything around you while you are traveling.

If the sub is sent to an enemy outpost you cannot see the combat preview. If you win you get the outpost as normal. If you lose you will not know any info about the results other than you did not send enough drillers.

If you are targeted by another sub enroute it will appear on your screen providing combat details as normal and the path the pirate is taking.

Sub with drillers and specialists Edit

When sending a sub with a navigator on board you may change course as normal by targeting a different outpost.

When sending a sub with a pirate on board it will continue onto the darkness and behave as normal. You will still only see your sub, the targeted one, and the path you are taking.

When sending a sub with a navigator and a pirate on board you can only target subs you see. When a pirate targets you, you will see the sub and it's route it is taking towards you (Info on interactions between pirate and navigator).