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Specialist 2 is the 6th of the 24 Puzzles in Subterfuge.


Maintain control of Verne.

Your Queen can periodically hire specialists. You can do that either from the Queen's info panel (tap the queen) or the specialists panel (tap the specialists button at the bottom of the screen.) If you hired the wrong specialist you can cancel the hire from the hired specialist's info panel. After 10 minutes the hire becomes permanent.


There are only 3 hiring options for you to choose from in this puzzle. Try them all and see if you can use any of these specialists to solve the puzzle.


To see the solution click Expand below.

Click the specialist icon to buy 2x Saboteur.

Click your base and skip forward to next production (this is just to advance the attacking sub).

Click your base and send out a sub to intercept the attacking sub. Under the dial for adding drillers you will see icons for your queen and 2 saboteurs. Click a Saboteur icon to load him up. With the attacking sub right on your doorstep it will be redirected to a third planet, splitting the enemy forces.

By the time they regroup and attack a second time you will be able to purchase another specialist. Purchase the Martyr and send her out to intercept and destroy the second attacking sub.